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... Dr. Hayes will help your organization develop and maintain a culture of compliance and ethics.

She will custom design training programs that promote a shared understanding of your organization’s core values and how they should be applied. ...
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Is Ethics Training Valuable For Adults?


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Courageous Ethics is a professional ethics consulting firm

Ethics professional Dr. Hayes helps organizations reduce the risk of ethics and compliance violations by custom designing training programs for your employees.

Programs are designed to equip all members of your organization—from entry-level employees to board members—with a decision-making procedure based on the compliance laws that regulate your workplace and your organization’s core values.

Dr. Hayes ensures maximum effectiveness by engaging active learning techniques in which employees begin to apply the custom-designed decision-making method to ethical dilemmas they encounter at work. This method promotes the formation of good ethical decision-making habits before employees leave the training session, putting your organization’s leadership in a strong position to reinforce these habits ongoing.

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Living ethically requires active learning techniques that take skill and practice with the understanding that organizations are systems made up of many people in many roles.

As part of the Courageous Ethics training, Dr. Hayes utilizes active learning techniques to help your employees gain the knowledge they need to make good decisions on behalf of your organization and give them opportunities to practice applying that knowledge.