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Courage is the first of the human qualities because it is a quality which guarantees all the others.

...- Aristotle -

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Courageous Ethics

offers custom designed training programs that promote a shared understanding of your organization’s core values and how they should be applied:

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Courageous Ethics offers online training programs that allow your employees to enjoy the convenience of completing their ethics training when it fits into their busy schedules without sacrificing the benefits of a custom-designed program led by an active instructor.

Dr. Hayes utilizes a variety of media to present a decision-making procedure designed to help your employees navigate ethical challenges that arise in your work place. This decision procedure is based on:

  • the laws and regulations applying to your employees
  • your organization's mission and core values
  • best practices in the fields your employees work in
Your employees will contribute to a series of guided discussions in which they practice applying the decision procedure to case studies based on ethical challenges they face at work. This allows your employees to break up a longer training course into shorter sessions in which they can review feedback on their work for the previous section before beginning the next session.

By using discussion boards to solicit responses to the case studies, Dr. Hayes facilitates interaction among trainees and creates an environment in which your employees can learn from each other in addition to learning from Dr. Hayes and the training materials she develops. This also allows your organization's ethics training to be part of a larger culture-building effort that builds trust and good communication among members of your organization.