All You Need to Know About Electric Vehicles


Gasoline-operated cars step back, as electricity-powered vehicles are now overtaking the road. The International Energy Agency has recently reported that the quantity of electric vehicles that are now being used is foreseen to rise to around 125 million all over the world by 2030.

Electric cars: explained

Electric cars are considered a revolution in the industry of automotive. These vehicles are using electricity, which is cheaper, renewable, and more efficient, as an alternative to fuel. As we all know, fuel – a non-renewable resource used to produce energy – is now depleting and contributes greatly to the worsening global warming situation.

E-cars are known to be very efficient, has a low power consumption yet can travel in long distances. They are also now being produced with various designs and configurations. Recharging the cells of these vehicles was a concern before. But thanks to modern technology, several models can now travel up to 243 kilometers (151 miles) when fully charged. Places to charge its batteries are also sprouting like mushrooms in the US. Models with solar panels on its roofs are also on the rise. This will then allow you to charge while you travel.

Benefits of using electricity-powered vehicles

  • Electric autos don’t emit any smoke. This means that no greenhouse gases are being expelled while you’re on the road.
  • Recharging your car’s batteries is also cheaper than refueling by up to 25%.
  • The electrical energy needed to recharge your car’s juices come from renewable and sustainable sources like geothermal and wind.
  • Maintenance of your vehicle is very inexpensive.
  • Its batteries also get recharged every time you brake.
  • Recharging your car is so simple. You just have to hook it up to a simple outlet in your home or at recharging stations.
  • Electric cars are now being mass-produced like your usual fuel-powered automobiles.