Can Machines Speak for Humans?


For the past two decades, technology has changed the way people live their day to day lives. In fact, today’s generation, in particular, has placed their trust in technology to make everyday life easier. Majority of people place their faith in cellphone applications and high-tech pieces of machinery, yet they fail to ask an important question: are these truly reliable?

How it works

Amazon’s AI operated speaker is one of the most used devices by modern people. Just by directly asking the device, it searches answers from the world wide web and takes into consideration the most essential and accurate information. Even essential health questions such as symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can be answered by the speaker.

People’s Concern

Privacy issues are certainly the main concern of every user. The partnership between Amazon and NHS may be reasonable to some, but not for all. People have raised concerns about the company, making use of private data, for business and profit. The company, however, has assured consumers that it will never use the data for third party sharing or advertisement.

Quality of Information

A past employee from the same company who developed Alexa, however, has explained his point of view about the people’s concerns. If the concern was about how the data was to be used, then this should have been directed to all search engines as well. Furthermore, he insisted that this innovation of Amazon arose from the demands of the people who acquire health information from their technology. He emphasized that it is more upsetting that people receive a low quality of information for questions that need to be addressed.

Can we trust AI?

Despite the advancement in AI technology, issues continue to emerge. One of these is the fact that scientists actually have no idea what happens behind its black box system, a phenomenon more known as accidental autonomy. These automatic decisions made by the system are not under human control. It is solely based on vital software which nobody knows.