How a Simple Survey Could Ruin One’s Day


Writer Andrew Reid shared his good and not-so-good experiences while he was spending his vacation in Hawaii.

According to Andrew, aside from the stunning beaches of Hawaii, he was also impressed by the car-for-rent services in the area. From the prompt arrival down to the comfortable ride, truly he was stunned. 

As he boarded off from the car, he received a survey invite. The form was intended to get his experiences online. Andrew said that he was very excited about filling out the survey at the start. It was composed of ten questions all-in-all. But as he answers each of the questions, the writer-businessman observed an odd scene. The idea that the survey was more of a chatbot interrogation entered into his system. He said that he was not any more comfortable in finishing the task and completely abandoned the tab after the ninth question.

Andrew stressed that there’s nothing wrong in sharing your experiences on the web. But as much as possible, the companies that are using these forms must be more realistic.

The questions must be framed based on the actual conversation of a client and a service provider.

Since the car rental company (which he regarded 5-star service) employed a robotic-interview system, he preferred to keep his one of a kind experience into his mind. 

Pros of Automatic Messaging in Personal and Commercial Settings

Way back 10-15 years ago, email was the most effective way of sending feedback to companies. But today, instant messaging services such as Messenger, WeChat, and WhatsApp already dominated the market. Another metamorphosis is that people nowadays are not more interested in filling out lengthy surveys. Instead, people would prefer to contact the company using mobile messaging software. 

Indeed, if service providers want to know the sentiments of their clients, they must connect with their clients realistically.