Ossia To Offer the Fastest Cord-less Charger Soon


Leading wireless tech provider Ossia assured the public that a revolutionized charging system would be available next year. 

The company confirmed that it already received a go signal from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to integrate its Cota platform in charging mobile devices.

Cota platform allows a device to charge its batteries without using a wire. The said platform employs a powerful transmitter that sends electrical supply to the target devices.

A lot of people are very excited to get this technology available in their homes. They want an intuitive way of charging their mobile phones, laptops, and other handheld gadgets.

Ossia’s top officials admitted that their wireless charging system is not the first in the market. In fact, a lot of companies are also exploiting all possible means to help people charge their devices fast and comfortable. 

To note, uBeam, one of Ossia’s rivals, also informed the public that it is about to offer a wireless charger that utilizes ultrasonic wave.  

Ossia’s employees are confident that they will outlast their competitors. They believe that the speed of their platform is enough to cater to the needs of the modern age.

Aside from speed, Ossia is also capitalizing much on accuracy. The company assured that once the RF captures a particular device, it will be automatically locked. Even if the owner moves drastically, the device will continue charging its batteries. 

Regarding the health aspect, the wireless firm assured its clients that all of its products passed the highest industrial standards. Ossia’s management said that they always follow the FCC’s regulation to make sure that problems brought by harmful radiation will be avoided. 

Whether this innovation will thrive or not, only time can tell. But what Ossia guarantees is that it will not stop finding new ways to help people live comfortably.