Results in Life Are Not Who You Are


As an individual, there are different goals in life that everyone wants to achieve. It can differ to every people. There are goals like finding a partner in life, building a family, travel the world, be successful in life, and so on. Being successful is not that easy. Other people are doing it with no problems, but some people cannot make any progress because they cannot get the result that they wanted.

In this generation, the expectations are on a different level. When a person did not meet any of other people’s expectations, does that make the person a bad one? No. If a person did not pass an important exam, does that mean that all of his or her hard works are not worthy? Definitely not. The society should stop defining a person based on the results because they do not know the struggle of a person who is striving for a wanted result. Always remember that a person cannot be compared to anything because of its failure

A person should not define himself or herself as a failure if they failed to reach their goals in life. This is just a challenge that will make the person evaluate himself and think again. If one door closes, there will always be another door that people can knock on and enter. In life, there will always be significant changes. But these changes come with new opportunities. Grab it, work hard for it, and show the society that as long as you are fighting, you are greater than your failures. It is better to try again than to regret after. Practice self-love and self-appreciation. The beginning and end of one’s life do not define a person; it is the rest of that person’s story.