Why Ebola Spreads Exponentially Among Congolese


The WHO decided to rank Congo as one of the countries that need advanced control for Ebola. This declaration came after the said deadly disease reaped 1,700 lives in the country in one year alone.

The recent cases were reported in the city of Goma, where 1 million inhabitants are still on the status quo after a decade of civil war.

Due to the latest cases, the WHO released a formal declaration of an international Ebola epidemic. The health agency said that the virus has becoming hybrid and potent this time. Despite the ongoing vaccination and other precautions, the said fatal disease still persists. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Shubha Kumar said that the dispatching of the experimental vaccines to combat the said disease is futile since the locals failed to cooperate.

What are the Problems That Bar Health Practitioners to Kill Ebola 

Due to the not-so-good demographics and financial status of Congo, not all people are well-informed regarding the proper means of combatting Ebola. And the sad thing is that most of them don’t have the trust to the Westerners who reached out to their villages.

According to Kumar, one of the factors that affect the complete vaccination of the population is the traditional resistance.

Congolese even believe that foreign health workers are just trying to destroy their identity and impose the values of Western countries. That is why instead of burning the body of the person killed by Ebola, they preferred to lay it on top of bed cadaver until it decomposes.

Another reason why the anti-Ebola vaccines barely reach to remote places is the security. Even the Congo war ended way back in 2003, provinces along the northeast tip of Congo remain very dangerous for foreigners. With this imminent threat, health representatives are compelled to deviate and head on to safe places to do the vaccination.